Custom decals for your models

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Printing on decals is a service specially requested by professionals and modeling enthusiasts.
The decals are printed digitally, which greatly reduces the cost of production because expensive systems or start-ups are not required.
In digital we can create decals with several graphic subjects different from each other in a single print and all with the maximum photographic detail.
We do not need high print runs, so we offer the possibility of making a few pieces with minimal investment.
Our technology uses environmentally friendly inks and pure white ink to ensure full coverage on all substrates where decals will be applied.
The film where the decal is printed is transparent and has a thickness of 18 micrometres, which ensures the best adherence on all surfaces, even on supports that have complex angles.
The transparent decal film is coupled with a light blue cardboard, which makes it possible to distinguish the areas where the white has been printed.
The decellicolate decal in water remains completely transparent.
We print the completely covering WHITE WHERE REQUIRED. </ strong>
The inks are RESISTANT to water and FLEXIBLE. </ strong>
COLORS are full and FAITHFUL to the graphic file. </ strong>
We print 6 COLORS to guarantee the MAXIMUM PHOTO DETAIL, even in the smallest details. </ strong>
Customize your model to 360 degrees!
CONTACT US for more information.
Visit our Portfolio to see the Renault Clio car model fully customized with decals and accessories printed in 3D!

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Il 10 Gennaio 2023

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